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Olympic Party Hats

Olympic Party Hats

Join the athletes in representing their countries with these festive party hats! Free printable and 60 second video tutorial included!
Source: Craftgawker Bath and Body

Ikea Map Lamp Hack

Ikea Map Lamp Hack

Add some subtle style to a plain lampshade by decoupaging a map on the inside. Really easy to do with Ikea lampshades.
Source: Craftgawker Home Accessories

Beautiful Balcony Decorating Ideas

Beautiful Balcony Decorating Ideas for your own Home

Most of us have balconies in our condos, but is it merely wasted space for you?
Who has truly made the balcony a space to call your own?
There are many beautiful balconies here for you to get inspired.
Let your imaginations run wild with the many balcony ideas for your next DIY.

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DIY Your Own Grass Head Pots

Cutest Grass Head Pot DIY to make for your garden or balcony

Who wouldn’t like to make one of these cute-looking Grass Head Pots to decorate your house with?
It’s not difficult to make at all. Get started by buying some plain pots from Ikea and some Sharpies from the stationary shop to begin. Get creative!

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